Propel Profits

Propel your Profits by using data analysis to maximize sales and profits

Propel Profits takes a strategic approach to evaluating how effective and profitable your efforts are, by working in a way that some might think is backwards – we evaluate actual sales information, to understand where your competition, marketing, leads and sales processes are, well…leading to.

Our professionals will review your completed job data and along with your marketing and sales processes, to determine whether you are –

Targeting the right customers (new and established)

Generating enough of the most profitable jobs.

Generating enough of the right new customers or –

Generating what seem like plenty of leads, but are actually sucking your sales away

Maximizing the gold mine that is your established customer base

We are confident that you will understand how well your marketing efforts are working for you, more than you ever have.  We may be able to increase your profits by 15% or more!